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The Ghost of Treasure Hill
by Betty Orr

On Treasure Hill
A ghostly wind
Rattles slat and sage.
And every silvered
Sash and door,
Is sanded smooth with age.

                             Who traveled here?
                             Who wept at night?
                             Who bore the dreadful breeze?
                             Who burned for ore?
                             Who drilled at night?
                             Who prayed on trembling knees?

On Treasure Hill
The flowers stay small
Nestled near the stones.
And scattered on a
Windswept spot,
Rock mounds now cover bones.

                             Who watched from here?
                             Who mourned a child?
                             Who swayed against the wind?
                             Who counted days,
                             And then, the hours,
                             The stage that rattled in?

On Treasure Hill
I sifted soil.
I found an earring part.
I found a dish, a
Broken toy.
I guess a broken heart.
They Call Us Ghost Towns Part Three: Austin Nevada
St. Augustine’s Cultural Center has much to be grateful for this
past year, after several years of being stymied. Our last two
grants, one from the State of Nevada  Commission for Cultural
Affairs and one from the National Park Services’s “Save America’
s Treasures” finally came through. We have been under
construction since last August and hope to wrap up this year. Here
is an outline of these final renovations:

The Henry Kilgren 9-rank Pipe Organ has been fully (and
Beautifully) restored and reinstalled by renowned master organ
maker Charles Ruggles. It has a wonderfully sweet sound. We can’
t wait for you to hear it!  You definitely want to reserve ahead and
be here. We will have activities Saturday and Sunday. Here are the
preliminary plans and we anticipate September of 2014.

A very Special Evening Program with Richard Elloyan, (www. If you are lucky enough to have heard him,
you know that he is Nevada’s great western singer with solid rural
roots. His rich voice resonates with the spirit of all Nevadans! Be
sure to visit his website and order his wonderful CD’s You can
also purchase some from him in person at this program in St.

Richard Elloyan’s opening act will be the glorious (and surprising)
music of the fabulous Henry Kilgren Organ played by Charlie
Ruggles, Howard Bennett and a mystery guest.

Our Dedication and Celebration has been rescheduled for
September 27th.

In the process of restoration, we have ended up with an incredible
inventory of architectural salvage and other surplus items. This
includes a large amount of 'barn wood', several pews, even a claw-
foot tub! We will take pictures and put them up on our website so
the items can be sold through the summer.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support of St.
Augustine's. Although we have had several delays throughout the
restoration process, it will be exciting when we are finally able to
hold events in this wonderful old church. And when you hear the
sweet sound of the Henry Kilgen Organ, you will know it has been

St. Augustine’s Cultural Center
Do you have what it takes to leave
the city and come on out to Really
Rural Nevada? Come on out. We're
waiting for you! You'll be glad you
by Patricia Fua
(photos courtesy of Patricia Fua)

We are not ghost towns! You
will hear this cry from all
residents in small towns of
Rural Nevada. Why? Well,
because we are all technically
listed as "Ghost Towns", but
we are still kickin' and much

Austin, Nevada in Lander
County is one such town.
Austin was discovered in 1862
by a horse who accidentally
kicked up a piece of quartz with
gold and silver in it. The owner
of the horse could hardly wait
to high tail it into Virginia City
and stake a claim. As these
stories go, one year later
Austin Nevada was a small
town with over 10, 000

Austin is experiencing ups and
downs again currently with
mining, but as alternative
energy comes to  Rural
Nevada Austin will see more
prosperous times. Geo-
thermal energy is being
explored in this area currently
with a new project expected to
begin in September 2014.

The Bureau of Land Management
(BLM) Battle Mountain District
recently issued a  license to Ormat
Technologies, Inc. for the
construction of their second power
plant at the McGinness Hills
Geothermal Project, which is 16
miles northeast of Austin
Above: The Austin
Courthouse still serves as
the Lander County Seat.
Always with these small boom towns when homes are built
they take on a life of their own. Above is the original Pony
Express House.