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The Ghost of Treasure Hill
by Betty Orr

On Treasure Hill
A ghostly wind
Rattles slat and sage.
And every silvered
Sash and door,
Is sanded smooth with age.

                  Who traveled here?
                  Who wept at night?
                  Who bore the dreadful breeze?
                  Who burned for ore?
                  Who drilled at night?
                  Who prayed on trembling knees?

On Treasure Hill
The flowers stay small
Nestled near the stones.
And scattered on a
Windswept spot,
Rock mounds now cover bones.

                  Who watched from here?
                  Who mourned a child?
                  Who swayed against the wind?
                  Who counted days,
                  And then, the hours,
                  The stage that rattled in?

On Treasure Hill
I sifted soil.
I found an earring part.
I found a dish, a
Broken toy.
I guess a broken heart.
Ghost Towns Need Ghost Trains and Ghost Riders!
A glimpse of Life in the Truly WILD West!
Photos by Harry Franke
It’s been a long day.
So long folks.
The sheriff rides in to save the day.
Trouble breaks out.

Ghost Riders-Guns for Hire,
are on Facebook, and are available
for your special function.
Don't make us come crash your

Call "Cat Ballou," at 775-293-1034
or the Chamber of Commerce for
Potography by : Harry Franke
Potography by : Harry Franke
Potography by : Harry Franke
Potography by : Harry Franke
All this action can be enjoyed on
the Wild West Train at Nevada
Northern Railway,

The current train to ride is the
Ghost Train. And don't forget the
Polar Express is right around the

Photos by Harry Franke are
available at the Ely Art Bank,
399 Aultman Street
Are You Brave Enough to Ride the Ghost Train?
A Ride I Will Never Forget!
by Patricia Fua

Last night I rode the Ghost Train with my
friends Lorraine and Darl, we wrote a story
about it encouraging you to ride this
marvelous train, but what I didn't tell you is
that, today as I hung up my sweater I felt
something in my pocket. Thinking it might
be my ticket and I would keep it as a
souvenir, I took it out. But what I found
made my blood run cold. It was a note, and
it seemed to be from, well, from the train.
Here is what it said...

I saw you tonight. It looked like you were
having fun writing your story, but you neglected
to speak to me. And, after all, I AM the Ghost

I look forward to October each year.  So many
people come to ride the Ghost Train hoping to
see a ghost. They strain to see out the
windows, and use their imagination to fill in the
blanks, but what they fail to realize is that often
a ghost is sitting right beside them. And tonight
was no different. Did you not feel the presence
of a spirit when your cameras quit working? Or
how about those strange screams you heard
that no one else seemed to notice?

Oh I love these Autumn evenings. The rails
stretch out and greet me like a pair of
comfortable old shoes. The evening air is chilly
now, in more ways than one. As the
passengers board I sense that there are many
unseen familiars. Tonight my low whistle will
carry a dirge deep into the hearts of all.

Do these people know what a ghost train is?
And, if they do...why would they choose to
embark on such a ride? Many board now
expecting to be scared from stories told on this
ride. But tonight the stories are more than real
as I notice the ghosts, ghouls, and eerie alien
beings hovering and choosing the objects of
their fancy as they seat themselves amongst
the riders.

As I ease my way along the tracks  I ponder the
plight of my passengers. Suddenly I see Miss
Weatherby walking the aisles of the cars. Good
grief, she hasn't combed her hair in over 85
years! It has been said she will ride this Ghost
Train forever until she finds the one who
possesses the school bell. It was taken from
the small one room school house on the day
that she died from consumption. The story says
that  her sense of responsibility to ring the bell
for class to begin and end is so strong, that it
keeps her here, riding this Ghost Train until
that bell is found.

What do you believe?

Ride the Ghost Train Saturday evenings in
October. Who knows what you might see!
Make Ely Your Stop for Halloween this Year!
Don’t know what to do for this
Halloween? Oh my! Come to Ely! We
know how to celebrate Halloween!

October 4, 11, 18, 25 and 31— Haunted
Ghost Train at the Nevada Northern

October 18 — Scary Scramble Golf
Tournament at the White Pine Golf

October 25th – Punkin’ Chunkin’

The Ely Lions Present
The Second Annual Punkin Chunkin’
October 25, 2014  10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.
m.  Broadbent Park     More about
Punkin' Chunkin'

October 31 – Trick or Treat the Street

Celebrate Halloween! “Trick or Treat
the Street”
Trick or Treaters will be invited into
downtown businesses on Aultman
Street marked by their
fall decorations in front of the
participating the stores. Dress in
costume to be part of the fun!

October 31 — Children's Community
Halloween Party

A free, safe and warm trick-or-treat
alternative. Wear your Halloween
costume, live entertainment, trick or
treating, lots of fun for the whole
When: October 31, 2 p.m. to 4p.m.
Where: The Bristlecone Convention
Center.  Sponsored by the White Pine
Public Library and the White Pine
County Tourism & Recreation Board.
For more information about the event,
please call Lori Romero at the White
Pine County Library. 775-293-6900
Stop by the Garnet Mercantile for a
treat this year during "Trick or
Treat the Street".
Yes that's right! It's Pumkin Chuckin
Time in Ely.
Busy day in town, the train is comin.
Colorful locals join the crowd.
White Pine High School All Class Reunion Celebrates the
"Kennecott Years".

The weekend of July 2 through July 4th, 2015 promises to be the most fun-
filled Reunion of all time. White Pine is hosting “The Kennecott Years
Reunion.” This is for all WPHS Alumni and families that lived in the area during
the years Kennecott was in operation.

The events start on the evening of Thursday, July 2nd with a big name band
concert in Broadbent Park.Events are planned for all three days. Hotel rooms
are being booked now. We are asking everyone with friends or family here to
see if space is available to stay with them. Hotel rooms will be in short supply
and will fill up quickly.

This event has been a long time coming. Anyone who remembers the Reunion
in 2000 or the Celebrate the 60’s in 2010, knows how much fun you can have
spending your July 4th holiday in White Pine.Information is available on
Facebook at WPHS All Class Reunion 2015. Please reply on Facebook if you
plan to attend by December 1. Registration of $60.00 per person (includes t-
shirt, concert ticket, wrist band and schedule) can be sent to the Kennecott
Reunion, PO Box 150855, Ely, NV 89315. Registration due by April 1, 2015.
Include t-shirt size.        Come join us for the big event!
Lewis Black
Bellamy Brothers
Travis Tritt
Josh Turner
Terry Fator
Marshall Tucker Band
Lewis Black

Harvest Festival
Eureka Town Park
October 18, 2014

Holiday Bazaar
Eureka Opera House
November 14-15, 2014
Vendor Reservation Info

Christmas Tree Lighting
December 6, 2014

Dinner Theatre
December 12, 2014