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The Ghost of Treasure Hill
by Betty Orr

On Treasure Hill
A ghostly wind
Rattles slat and sage.
And every silvered
Sash and door,
Is sanded smooth with age.

                                    Who traveled here?
                                    Who wept at night?
                                    Who bore the dreadful breeze?
                                    Who burned for ore?
                                    Who drilled at night?
                                    Who prayed on trembling knees?

On Treasure Hill
The flowers stay small
Nestled near the stones.
And scatterred on a
Windswept spot,
Rock mounds now cover bones.

                                    Who watched from here?
                                    Who mourned a child?
                                    Who swayed against the wind?
                                    Who counted days,
                                    And then, the hours,
                                    The stage that rattled in?

On Treasure Hill
I sifted soil.
I found an earring part.
I found a dish, a
Broken toy.
I guess a broken heart.
They Call Us Ghost Towns Part Two: Ely
Mr. G's, ( left )formally The Bank Club
has tried to make comebacks, but sits
awaiting. The Bank Club originally
opened in 1938 and boasted big name
entertainment. To the left of the old
Bank Club ( Mr. G's) is the Ely Theater
build in 1919 and closed, but ready to
come back to life!
The Collins Hotel ( left ) is intriguing with the pergola on
the roof, probably VIP seating for parades. Bought by
someone from out of town several years ago. They
renamed it Annie's, but it has not re-opened.
Ely Nevada is the county seat for White Pine County and the largest
"city" in the county. Our courthouse ( pictured above ) was built in 1908.

Although originally a stop along the stage, Ely was part of the Pony
Express Trail, and over the years, Ely was and is always a mining town.
Ely's population goes up and down with our cycles of boom and bust.
We are considered to be "frontier  territory" and the most remote area in
the lower 48 states.

We are also listed as a "ghost town". Come and visit us, you might just
be surprised by the beauty of our area.
Above: The Nevada Northern Railway was built in 1905-06,
connecting Ely to the Southern Pacific Railroad at Cobre. It is
now a historic landmark and trains run on a regular schedule.
There is also a museum and you can even drive the train!
St. Augustine’s Cultural Center has much to be grateful for this past year,
after several years of being stymied. Our last two grants, one from the
State of Nevada  Commission for Cultural Affairs and one from the
National Park Services’s “Save America’s Treasures” finally came through.
We have been under construction since last August and hope to wrap up
this year. Here is an outline of these final renovations:
The Henry Kilgren 9-rank Pipe Organ has been fully (and Beautifully)
restored and reinstalled by renowned master organ maker Charles Ruggles.
It has a wonderfully sweet sound. We can’t wait for you to hear it!  You
definitely want to reserve ahead and be here. We will have activities
Saturday and Sunday. Here are the preliminary plans and we anticipate
September of 2014.
  •        Kilgren Organ Workshop—we have the world’s only known surviving, intact organ
    made by Henry Kilgren!  Charlie Ruggles ( will be here to discuss and
    show the details of the pipe organ and restoration, and history of the famous Kilgren family. This
    is an incredible opportunity for enthusiasts of pipe organs and other mechanical wonders.
  •        St. Augustine’s Catholic Church & Austin history presentation by Mella Harmon, historic
    preservation consultant and writer, and former curator of History at the Nevada Historical Society.
  •        Architectural Salvage sales: we have everything from stacks of “barn wood” to cut nails,
    roofing tin, roofing tails, bricks, and even a claw-foot bathtub. These are all surplus from the
    renovation and will come with an authentication letter. These proceeds will be used only for
    further restoration of St. Augustine’s.
  • Silent Auction Items: while these aren’t historical, they are quality items ranging from local
    hotel stays to great gifts!
  •        Tours of St. Augustine’s: we get to show you all the work of the past eight years!
  •        Saturday Early Evening Dinner: a varied menu for dinner will be served from our new

A very Special Evening Program with Richard Elloyan, (www. If you are lucky enough to have heard him, you know
that he is Nevad’s great western singer with solid rural roots. His rich voice
resonates with the spirit of all Nevadans! Be sure to visit his website and
order his wonderful CD’s You can also purchase some from him in person
at this program in St. Augustine’s.

Richard Elloyan’s opening act will be the glorious (and surprising) music of
the fabulous Henry Kilgren Organ played by Charlie Ruggles, Howard
Bennett and a mystery guest.

We will send out the final event schedulae and ticket information sometime
in March. We welcome additions to our mailing list. Please  TBA. Drop us a
line at  St. Augustine’s, PO Box 503, Austin Nevada, 89310 or email us at:

Our last gentle reminder. We welcome any contributions! Our expenses are
low, but until the renovations are complete and we can start hosting events,
we depend upon you to keep the insurance and utilities current. Please
remember us in your giving. We are a 501 C (3) non-profit corporation.

St. Augustine’s Cultural Center
Nevada's Rural Round - Up  
Held this Year in Ely!
Do you have what it takes to leave the city and come on out to
Really Rural Nevada? Come on out. We're waiting for you! You'll
be glad you did!